A standard Homeowners Policy  insures your home's structure (house,) and your belongings in the event of a destructive event, such as a fire.

In addition, homeowners insurance policies are generally "package policies." This means that the coverage includes not only damage to your property, but also your liability—that is, legal responsibility—for any injuries and property damage to others caused by you or members of your family (including your household pets).



Renters insurance covers your personal property against many different named perils which are listed in the policy.  Effective Coverage policies offer replacement cost coverage, so you can go buy new property to replace what was lost to a fire or theft.



Condominium Insurance generally covers your belongings, liability and certain parts of the interior structure as defined in the by-laws or proprietary lease.


Dwelling fire policies often offer property owners protection against hazards like explosions, vandalism and some weather related occurrences such as wind and lightning. Unlike a typical home insurance policy, which covers everything except for listed exclusions, a dwelling fire policy will only cover named perils. 


Mobile home Insurance provides coverage comparable to the homeowners policy, including property, loss of use, and premises and personal liability 


  Please Note: The information  contained in this Web site is provided solely as a source of general   information and resource.  It is a not a statement of contract and  coverage may not apply in all areas or circumstances.  For a complete  description of coverage, always read the insurance policy, including  all endorsements.